Thursday, 26 April 2018

The Fallout - Raise Your Flag


  No strangers to this blog and one of my favourite ever Canadian bands, The Fallout are a Toronto trio featuring Byron (guitar/vocals), Bob (drums/vocals) and Patty (bass/vocals). If Woody Guthrie had been a modern era Canadian he'd have probably been a member of this band. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and seem to find the process of writing political songs that have both a great tune and a valid message a bit of a breeze. You can check out their back catalogue here :

  Their 2004 (long out of print) classic album, Turning Revolution Into Money, has been remixed and remastered and will be available on Bandcamp on Mayday as a pay what you want download. All donations will fund their upcoming 4 track 7".

  A new 7"? I'm glad you asked. The ep will be released by the excellent Rebel Time Records and will be titled Raise Your Flag. No doubt it'll be one of 2018's best so watch out for it.

  They've just released a video for the title track. As a schoolkid, I began buying punk records over 40 years ago and one of the many singles in my collection was the Rising Free ep by the Tom Robinson Band. On that ep was a song called Glad To Be Gay. To be honest, the prejudices and abuse suffered by gay people was something my 13 year old self had never really been aware of up until then and I would think that was the first time I'd heard someone proclaiming they were glad to be gay, I imagine many of my contemporaries were hearing this for the first time too. I wasn't gay but for those that were it must have been a defining moment. The video you'll find below features footage of 1973's Toronto Pride Parade and riffs on the themes presented by that TRB classic. The Fallout, catchy as hell tunes with a message? Hell yeah!

  This is Raise Your Flag.....

Raise your flag, Raise it high Let them look you in the eye Side by side Show your pride Wave your flag, wave your flag Raise your flag, Raise it high And when they look you in the eye Wave your flag, wave your flag, wave your flag Double standards of the hypocrites They condescend as you bite your lip You’re in my heart You’re on my mind You don’t have to take that shit On the horizon is a new frontier If you feel alone or you’re getting scared With all your spirit And all your soul You know there is nothing to fear Sing if you’re glad to be gay Homophobes are just a dying breed As they cling to an illegitimate creed You’re in my heart You’re on my mind They offer nothing that you can believe All their hate they never take a rest Stunning ignorance takes away your breath With all your spirit And all your soul Resolve that you’ll never forget To sing if you’re happy that way.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Fuck Ups - Lies


  It's been a couple of years since 80's influenced punk rockers The Fuck Ups last featured on here ( but they're back today with the title track from their new ep. From Irvine & Glasgow they now appear to have a settled line up of Baz (vocals/guitar), Bunnit (bass/vocals), Sparky (drums/vocals) and Steven (guitar).

  What can you expect from the ep? Certainly not bells and whistles, just 100% old school punk rock with a social conscience. The band tell it how it is, whether it's about the lies we're told to keep us in line, council schemes leading to drug dealers targetting junkies whilst gangs of bored kids roam the streets and the state of society today (it's the poor that always suffer as the banks take advantage whilst the government do nothing to alleviate that suffering). It's not all hard hitting, pedal to the floor fury though, there's also the slowed down reggae of Nation To Nation, a topical song about madmen unleashing armageddon (are we living in the end of days?). When nation fights against nation, the outcome is extermination.

  All in all a cracking ep and you can pick it up for a fiver from one of their gigs or from Facebook :

  This is Lies....

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Faz Waltz - Julie


  I was playing a song from Faz Waltz's new album Double Decker on this week's Just Some Punk Songs show ( when from the chatroom Wayne Elliott asked, "Have you had them on the blog yet?" The day before, I'd noticed they'd released a video for their new single but as it seemed to be continually popping up on my Facebook feed I assumed you'd all probably have stumbled upon it. But what the hell, it's a bloody good song from a bloody good album so let's get it posted....

  Just in case you've missed out thus far, Faz Waltz are one of a number of cool bands who are introducing a modern day audience to the sounds of the 70's. Think glam, think glitter, think rock n roll. Think hooligan rock. Think Slade/Sweet/Cheap Trick/T Rex etc.

  They're from Cantu, Italy and line up with Faz La Rocca (vocals, guitar, piano), Diego Angelini (bass) and Marco Galimberti (drums). They've been strutting their stuff since 2007 and Double Decker is their 6th album (S/T 2010, Life On The Moon 2011, Back On Mondo 2013, Move Over 2014, Callin' Loud 2016). It's available from Contra Records, Spaghetty Town and Gods Candy or you can pull on your Boogaloo Boots and Jive Jive over to Bandcamp :

  They were recently over in the UK and will be back again in July, you can get details of that and other gigs here :

  This is Julie....

Monday, 23 April 2018

Lame Shot! - Kings Of The Olympics

  Lame Shot! are a French pop punk band from Toulouse who formed in 2012 and feature Julien Granel (drums), Mathieu Zuzek (vocals/guitar), Manu Panier (bass/keyboards/backing vocals) and Romain Boule (guitar/ backing vocals). Panier and Boule are also members of Charly Fiasco.

  They released their debut album, Nice Try!, way back in 2012 (name your price : but they've now got round to the follow up. It's titled Try Again and you can get it from Monster Zero (Guerilla Asso, France & Lost Dog Records, Italy).

  Billed as being for fans of the likes of Nerf Herder, Masked Intruder, The Copyrights etc, I always approach this kind of pop punk with a certain amount of trepidation as it's a genre that's very easy to do badly. No problems on that score with Lame Shot! though, they're catchy & fun without being too sickly sweet. Give them a go.

  This is Kings Of The Olympics....

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Ruler - Gimme Some Noise


  Ruler are a garage punk band from Tokyo who feature Fink, the guitarist of legendary bands Teengenerate and The Raydios. The band also boasts guitarist Azumi Omori (The Raydios/The Young Ones), drummer Rayco (Triple Junk) and vocalist Yutaka "Otoya" Yamamoto (Intimate Fags).

  Earlier this year they released their debut single on Secret Mission Records and like the Boys Order song I posted a couple of weeks ago from the same label it's hellishly impressive. If you haven't yet checked it out then do so immediately....

  The single features 2 tracks, Tiger on one side and the song that you'll find below on the flip. Both well worth your time but this one is my favourite. I played it on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show and the chatroom folk were well and truly wowed. Primitive, timeless and a rallying call for those of us who like our music to be loud and exciting, this is Gimme Some Noise. It should go without saying but play loud!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Neon Bone - Waiting


  It's been nearly 4 years since German pop punks Neon Bone featured on this blog ( but they're still around and still releasing some of the catchiest tunes going. Starting up in 2010 in Munster as a one man band and taking their name from a M.O.T.O. song they've expanded their line up and honed their Queers/Parasites/Ramones style of punk rock over the years :

  Now they're back with a new album, their 3rd. It's titled That Dog Won't Hunt and it's out on Monster Zero Records in association with Mom's Basement Records. If you're a fan of 50's & 60's inspired Bubblegum Punk then this is for you. All the songs are sub 3 minute ear worms that'll get you tapping your foot and singing along, there's even a cool version of Skeeter Davis' 1962 classic The End Of The World. They're the kind of band that would go down a storm if they were the new resident band at Arnold's Drive-In on Happy Days. The sun's out, Spring is in the air and this would be a perfect soundtrack to your day...

  This is the video for the album's lead track, it's called Waiting....

Friday, 20 April 2018

Nosebleed - Scratching Circles (Review By Stefan Ball)

  A guest review today from Stefan Ball who is vocalist with Reading band Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

  Stefan has kindly reviewed Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor, the debut album from Leeds garage punks Nosebleed. I'll leave you in his capable hands.....

Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor by Nosebleed
TNS Records - released 6th April 2018
£7 digital on Bandcamp, £12 vinyl and £8 CD from

  One of the positive things about the rise of streaming and downloads and the rebirth of vinyl is that 70 minute CD borefests are a thing of the past. Recordings can be just as long as they need to be. 

  Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor, the first extended release from Leeds trio Nosebleed, is a good example. It's 25 minutes and 13 tracks long. You wouldn't want it any longer - or I wouldn't, not without a sit down in the middle - because it's impossible to stand still while it's playing. The whole thing crackles with energy. 

  All the songs are fast. But they're proper songs, never hurried. There's time for solos, Lux Interior-style vocal quirks and the odd build-up and change of pace. Even the opener "I'm Okay" - just 54 seconds - packs in an intro, two verses, a couple of hooky choruses and a punchy end. It develops and gets somewhere, then stops. Perfect. 

  I honestly can't find a weak link on this album. My favourite at the moment is maybe "Start Again", which opens with a guitar riff that could be from early Gang of Four and has the kind of chorus you'd be yelling along with live. 

  Talking of live, I haven't seen them (yet) but David Hennessy from The Delinquents saw them a couple of days ago in Scotland and posted on his Facebook page: "seen and played with a lot of fantastic bands in the punk scene but Nosebleed were absolutely premier league calibre tonight." 

  You'll have a chance to decide for yourself if you're in the UK as the band are on tour from now and into the summer - and slipping across into mainland Europe for a couple of dates as well. 

  I'd expect that on stage you'd get pretty much what you get on this recording, because it has that live sound. Credit to the engineer if he's managed to get this much punch and raw energy from a more clinical recording techcnique - I suspect though they did it the old-fashioned way, and good on them for that. 

  On their Bandcamp page the band say they copied "as much as we could get away with" in their songs - a nice bit of self-deprecation. But it's kind of inevitable with rock and roll, of course - punk rock and rollers are still playing around with the same three chords the Bill Haley was using. So yes, I can hear a lot of The Rezillos in this record - and nods to The Cramps and The Saints and The Hives and a bunch of psychobilly and garage punk bands - but they all borrowed from the people before them, and they all borrowed as well, all the way back to the blues. 

  The truth is all the raw guitar music we know and love - whether it's the Medway bands or the current stuff coming out of Australia or Howlin' Wolf - is part of a tradition and has a heritage. This record sees Nosebleed picking up the torch in fine swaggering style. Great stuff. 

  This is Scratching Circles....