Friday, 18 August 2017

Tijuana Stranglers - Runaround Baby


  Tijuana Stranglers are a bunch of Rock n Roll scumbags from Corvina, California who's line up features Zalez (vocals), Justin Carroll (lead guitar), Scotty Farris (rhythm guitar), Mario Silva (bass) and Dave (drums).

  Earlier this year they released their debut 7" on No Front Teeth Records. It's 4 tracks of "energetic and snotty punk rock that blends The Dead Boys with The Stitches."

  This is the lead track, it's called Runaround Baby....

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Murdaball - Oi's Not Dead


  Yesterday's update featured a band occupying a position near the top of the punk rock tree, today you're getting one that is swiftly climbing the branches, ascending towards those lofty peaks. Murdaball are a 5 piece from Newcastle On Tyne who formed in 2012 and who mix elements of street punk, oi and a dash of hardcore to produce fast and loud music that's "not for the faint hearted."

  Veterans of various other bands down the years, they currently line up with Jimi (lead vocals), Dan (lead guitar), Wayne (rhythm guitar), Craig (bass) and Rob (drums). They're already very popular in their neck of the woods having supported pretty much every street punk and oi band that has passed through the North East and Scotland. Their recent crowded appearance at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool saw them sell all their merchandise in just 20 minutes. That popularity will only continue to grow with the release of their second album, A Northern Powerhouse. It's the first release on their own Oi! Toon Records label and if you want to grab a copy, message them on Facebook.

  If you want to check out debut album, Twisted, you can find it on Bandcamp...

  From A Northern Powerhouse, this is Oi's Not Dead.....

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Anti-Flag - Racists

  You've possibly all heard today's song. It seems to have been posted on most punk news sites and that would normally be good enough reason not to post it here but to feature something a little more obscure instead. Two reasons it is featuring today, I think it's as good a time as any to join in the chorus of voices condemning racism (or fascism, sexism, homophobia or any other discrimination against people that you might percieve as being be different to yourself). I usually try to avoid bandwagons but sometimes you have to lend your voice. Secondly, it's a bloody good song.

  I don't think I need to write an introductory paragraph on Anti-Flag, if you've been living in a cave for the last 20 plus years then look 'em up. What I will copy & paste is they statement they released following the recent violence in Charlottesville;

  We stand in solidarity with those fighting racism and fascism in the streets of Charlottesville and beyond. We believe it is time for the removal of all monuments to the confederacy and the racism for which they stand. We must put these symbols of white supremacy into places where the proper context can be provided for what they actually are; outdated, backwards, and antithetical to what we believe the values of humanity should be. It is past time to have real conversations on systemic racism and America's history of it. There are museums memorializing the holocaust all across Europe while America continues to try to hide from its racist, murderous past and present.

  This is Racists.....

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Limp Wrist - They Tell Me

  Limp Wrist formed in 1998 and are an American queercore punk band who play fast hardcore music. They're scattered across various parts of the U.S. so only gig and record occasionally but they recently got together to put out their first release in 9 years. The album is called Facades and you'll find it here :

  The current line up of the band is Martin Sorrondeguy (vocals), Scott Moore (guitar), Andrew Martini (bass) and Paul Henry (drums).

  They describe the album as "11 new trax of complete punk faggotry." It's angry, confrontational and really bloody good, or at least tracks 1 to 8 are. Once they've got you wound up tight and bouncing off the walls they do a complete u turn for the last 3 tracks and chill you back down again with 3 tracks of electro noodling you can groove out to.

  This is one of the hard hitting songs, it's called They Tell Me....

en talk about my maleness 
And how I tamper with the line 
Fem fearing cock-suckers 
(lame homosexual alphas who dislike women) 
get away 
Cuz Iain’t got the time 

Norms talk about my tricks 
And the many that I’ve had 
No commitment to the man on the cross 
Or those who follow his path. 

Left Right, Left Right, they keep pushing! 
Left Right, Left Right, they keep Pushing 
They keep pushing the left to the right, 

They talk to me about my speech 
They talk to me about my smell 
Extremists got rules for me everything 
Boring squares go to hell. 

Friends are angry with me 
Cuz we don’t see eye to eye 
On every single issue 
So now they won’t give me time. 

Left Right, Left Right, they keep pushing! 
Left Right, Left Right, they keep Pushing 
they keep pushing the left to the right, 

Left Right, Left Right, they keep pushing! 
Left Right, 

They created a box 
To squeeze all queers in 
Their definitions have flattened us 
Stay fucked and never go in.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Hardknocks - Lion's Den


  The Hardknocks are an oi band from Los Angeles who began life in 2010 and currently line up with Anthony Oi! (vocals), David Perez (guitar), Giovanni (guitar), Myke Evil (bass) and Raybeez (drums).

  2014 saw the release through Vinyl4Bootboys Records of debut ep Confrontation. They followed this a year later with debut album Battle Scarred (available on Crowd Control Media) before returning earlier this year with the Angels & Demons ep. You can check out all these releases here :

  I played a song from Battle Scarred on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( and it went down a storm with the chatroom folk so it's about time I posted a song from Angels & Demons on here.

  As with all the best oi songs, this is hard hitting, gritty and anthemic. Come on in to The Lion's Den.....

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Joe Zero - Cezanne With Kisses

  Some of you may recall that throughout the year I've posted a number of songs from Joe Zero. Joe (aks Joe Moody) is the former frontman with golden age Belfast punk bands Victim and The Androids who is now based in Manchester making his own solo material. He's been teasing out a number of singles leading up to the release of his second solo album, The Eternity Man, and I'm pleased to bring you one of the highlights from that record today.

  Following on from a successful acoustic set at the recent Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, Joe has released The Eternity Man on cd and digital and you can find it here :

  The album is an eclectic affair with songs ranging from the excellent upbeat buzzsaw punk of Rock 'n' Roll Wars through to sea shanties and tender love ballads. Joe's crafted an album that moves away from his punk roots but doesn't totally discard them. One man, his guitar and a poet's heart, the slow teasing build up has been well worth the wait.

  The song I'm featuring below is one he wrote to for his partner and the love of his life, photographer Martine Fontaine. It's her work that graces the cover of the album her influence on him is apparent on several of it's songs. Case in point, this is Cezanne With Kisses.....

She was a mistake worth making 
At least once or twice, 
Or maybe a lifetime, who knows? 
For she makes my spine tingle 
Right down to the bone 
She is the Muse of my Song... 

Chorus. And I send her Cezanne Kisses 
Bouncing off the Moon, 
I send her Cezanne Kisses 
(Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh ) 

I'd let the Mountains tumble 
Into the Sea 
For Eternity, and her Love; 
I'd let the Cosmos crumble 
Into the Night 
Until it starts Breathing again... 

And I send her my Heart (Heart and Soul) 
And I send her my Soul. (Heart and Soul) 
And I send her my Life (Life and Love) 
And I send her my Love. (Life and Love)

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Suburban Homes - Unemployed


  Another old favourite returns to the blog today, West Sussex lo-fi post punks Suburban Homes will soon be releasing a new single. I had heard rumours that they'd split up but happily that doesn't appear to be the case, the single will be called Unemployed and it's due next month on Total Punk Records.

  Their previous releases have all been excellent and they're often compared to classic old post punk bands such as Desperate Bicycles, Mekons and Swell Maps. Those releases were 2014's D.I.Y. ep, 2015's Conformity in The UK single and 2016's  ...Are Bored ep. You can (and should) check them all out here :

  Despite it being a couple of years since ...Are Bored, things don't seem to have gotten any better for their frustrated sounding singer. Unable to get a girlfriend due to his lack of ambition, the height of his existence is to play alone in his room. He's totally void, unemployed and feeling suicidal (though he's not even capable of managing to tie a decent knot). The medium is still tedium, he's bored of small talk and on the verge of a breakdown, welcome to suburbia in the UK 2017.

  This is Unemployed.....